The Essential Mike Bloomfield
Basic Guitar Technique, Lessons 1-4
By Don Mock


Editor's note: Don Mock generously created these guitar lessons especially for this site. As a performing and recording artist as well as a teacher, Mock has created numerous instructional books and videos including "Hot Licks," "The Blues from Rock to Jazz," "Jazz Guitar Tips" and "Jazz Rhythm Chops." His deep admiration for Michael Bloomfield's guitar artistry served as inspiration for his own musical explorations. He offers these lessons as an aid for guitarists who are interested in learning about Bloomfield's technique and approach. Don can be reached at He can be found on the Web at

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"Pickup Phrases" (5 pages)

"Signature Phrases" (5 pages)

"Beyond Blues Phrases" (7 pages)

"Chords & Rhythm" (10 pages)

2010 Don Mock