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Mike Bloomfield at Newport in 1965. David Gahr photo

Coming soon: The Bloomfield Box Set

IT'S OFFICIAL! A four-disc Michael Bloomfield box set from Sony Legacy, produced by Al Kooper and Bruce Dickinson, is in the works, though the release date has not been determined yet. Included will be an hour-long DVD documentary by Bob Sarles and liner notes by Michael Simmons. Watch this site for updates on when the MB Box will be available and other news. Here's a personal note from Al about this long-awaited homage to Michael:

"I just spent the better part of a year producing a Michael Bloomfield box set. I really wanted it to be in everyone's hands by his 70th birthday, but I really wanted it MORE to be exactly what he would have wanted, so it's taking a wee bit more time. There is no release date yet, but we are extremely close to being done. I still miss him everyday of my life and feel so lucky that I got to play and spend the time that I did with him. Sooo hang on in there and it will be in your hands as soon as possible."  – @l k%per

8/09/13: Mr. Kooper has made it official: The release date for the Michael Bloomfield Box Set on Sony Legacy will be JANUARY 2014. A long time comin' but worth the wait, we think. Thanks, Al!

10/26/13: Update: Amazon now has a page for the Michael Bloomfield Box Set, set for a FEBRUARY 4, 2014 release. An overview with tune listings – including rare and previously unreleased material – can be found on the link below.

And here's a trailer from the video created by film maker Bob Sarles for the set. His 60-minute piece is a exciting tribute to one of American music's great innovators and masters.


To celebrate the impending release of the Sony Legacy set, and to acknowledge Mike Bloomfield's 70th birthday anniversary – July 28, 2013 – we at Mike Bloomfield: An American Guitarist would like to offer Bloomfield fans a download of rare and unheard Bloomers material.

Rara Avis | Michael Bloomfield: Unheard Recordings

This Bloomfield material comes from private recordings made by fans and by staff at various clubs. Some performances may be familiar to Bloomfield collectors, but several tunes are issued here for the first time. They were all selected to show the range of musical styles and depth of technique that are a Bloomfield trademark. Please note, this download will be available for a limited time only.

1. Work Song (excerpt) | Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Golden Bear(?), Huntington Beach, CA; February(?) 1967

2. Untitled Samba | Michael Bloomfield (overdubbed duet)
Carmelita Avenue home recording; early 1970s

3. I’m Goin’ to Memphis | Michael Bloomfield (overdubbed duet)
Reed Street home recording; early 1970s

4. Baby Let Me Kiss You/Cissy Strut | Michael Bloomfield & Friends
Winterland Ballroom, San Francisco, CA; February 24, 1973

5. Basin Street | Michael Bloomfield & Mark Naftalin
Neutral Grounds Coffee House(?), New Orleans, LA; Spring 1976 or 1977

6. Small Walk-in Box | Michael Bloomfield & Nick Gravenites (g)
Pipeline Tavern, Seattle, WA; March 10, 1976

7. Little Wing | Michael Bloomfield & Jon Cramer (p)
Reed Street home recording; probably 1973

8. Maria Elena | Michael Bloomfield & Friends
My Father’s Place, Roslyn, NY; October 20, 1978

9. It Ain’t Nobody’s Business | Michael Bloomfield & Friends
Unknown venue, town, OR; 1976(?)

10. Rockin’ in the Same Old Boat | Michael Bloomfield & Friends
Catalyst Club, Santa Cruz, CA; September 5, 1976

11. I’m Droppin’ Out on You | Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Unknown venue, location; Winter 1966(?)

We're sorry, this offer has ended. If you're still interested you can contact us at bloomsidco@yahoo.com.